Husbands Thoughts 1.4

Moving on from the D&E process is hard. The hormones are playing havoc with my wife’s already tender and agitated emotions.  It is hard to know when she will shift and what she will think.  It is also hard to know what to say or to do. I often feel lost in a life-raft in a maelstrom.

If you have read my wife’s entries, you will see her mention the “exercise” study. She did very, very little exercise but she is starting to latch onto this as a reason for the “miscarriage.” There are so many environmental interior and exterior factors for it and just simple pure bad luck. I ache to hear her blaming herself for something so outwith her control. For something that was so not her fault. The hormones from the D&E are only making this worse. I hope my wife reads my entry so that she can know this. I know that it is hard for her. But she and I will move forward together.

I told my own parents what happened. I feel better for it. My own mother had a miscarriage and it was good to hear her recollections to it (vivid in her mind). My father was also very commiserating.

This last week has seemed liked years and we hope the next months seems like days.


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