Husband’s Thoughts 1.3

My wife and I have been up and down. Ice-cream and fries have helped.

The D&E was what it was and we had a mini-down after. The next day we went to a flea market fair and walked around in the sun. It was nice to hold her hand for pleasure and not with worry.

Later we met with a counselor. I was apprehensive, since i am the quiet, introverted type. As such, it was difficult to express an answer to any emotional questions posited. I was uncomfortable. My wife was worried I spent too much time worrying about, and reacting to, her than digesting my own reactions/feelings. She may be right, but she was incredible upset and I always try to be there for her.

To begin the pregnancy process again will be tough, but after going through this I feel embattled and fortified that come what may, we will ride the waves together.

It is a shame that men are not more expressive about their experiences of their own miscarriages directly and with experiencing their wife’s reactions.


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