Husband 1.2

Today we went back to work. It was strange because most of my co-workers I did not tell. They went on like normal and I tried to go on as normal. In many ways I wanted to shout out “me and my wife went through a miscarriage.” I am not sure what I wanted with that thought. Recognition? Sympathy? I will have to ponder on it.

My wife and I were less frantic and I actually heard her laugh some. In many ways she is emotionally stronger than me. She is more expressive and more openly reflective. She may have bigger lows than me, but she always pulls through with a thoroughness I can only admire. She will have more lows, and I, but we are moving forward. Alas, we have to return to the same hospital tomorrow for the D&C. I am not sure how I feel about returning there. I am leery, but in the end it is merely another procedure that we will do and will go home together to watch some family guy.


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